About the Artist

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Vonni, Mascot Fleef

A teal Common Fleef with long and wispy white fluff.

The Artist

The artist smiles as she is surrounded by some of her plush creations.

Yvonni, Artist's Counterpart

A white fox-like creature with silver markings, long ears, teal eyes, a long tail, and a small silver horn protruding from her forehead.

I am Yvonni Fhang, a diverse-medium artist and creature creator working out of the Fox Valley in Wisconsin.

Fanciful Realities was inspired by my passion for creating art and my love of the whimsical.
My overactive imagination allows me to see wonderful things within my mind, and I use the artistic skills I have honed over the years to bring these fanciful creations into the realm of reality.

I have a passion for taking fantastical ideas and transforming them into tangible reality, allowing other people a glimpse of a world in which even the most ordinary things are just a little bit magical.

Thank you for visiting! Please enjoy my Fanciful Realities.

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