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Design your own Custom Plush!

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Did you know that you can design your very own custom plush or stuffed animal?

A custom plushie is a one-of-a-kind stuffed plush creation, originally designed and handmade just for you!

A custom plush creation can also make a fantasticly unique gift!

Each custom plush is an original design, completely hand-sewn, and accompanied by a signed "birth certificate" describing the plush's unique characteristics and the date, time and location of their completion.

Custom plush pricing is based on multiple factors, including style, size and weight, materials, and design complexity.

Please fill out a Custom Request Form for the most accurate cost estimate for a custom plush.

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My custom plushies are currently available in three different style varieties:


The Squishy plush is made with soft cuddle fabrics or faux fur and stuffed with ultra plush polyester fiberfill. These custom creations are super cuddly and very huggable. Squishy plush are available in a variety of sizes and can be weighted for extra comfort and stability.

MareBear Squishy Plush Boomer Bear Squishy Plush Hamlet Squishy Plush Theodore Squishy Plush

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The Flopsy plush is made with soft cuddle fabrics or faux fur and stuffed with squishy polyester fiberfill and glass microbeads. Similar to a weighted blanket, these custom creations are comfortably heavy and very pleasant to hold and cuddle with. Flopsy plush are available in a variety of sizes and weight can be customized within reason.

Axolotl Flopsy Plush Snake Flopsy Plush Frog Flopsy Plush Crab Flopsy Plush Stingray Flopsy Plush

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The Poseable plush is made with soft cuddle fabrics or faux fur and stuffed with squishy polyester fiberfill around a flexible skeleton. Huggable plushie meets poseable art doll, these custom creations are completely plushie AND fully poseable! Poseable plush are typically weighted for a comfortable and realistic feel and additional stability. Weight can be customized within reason.

Oni Poseable Plush Lsyf Poseable Fox Plush Snaggle Poseable Plush Spook Poseable Plush MuseWyrm Poseable Plush

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Details may be handled in various different ways depending on the size and style of the plush.


Plastic safety eyes are the default for many of my plush creations. They are durable and offer a realistic shine. These are typically solid black, but some limited color options may also be available.

Upon request, eyes may be upgraded to customizable glass insets. Glass eyes are less prone to scratches, have a more natural shine and reflection, and lend an expressive and realistic look to the plush. You can choose any variety or combination of colors and even change the size and shape of the pupils. Due to their weight and the way in which they are attached, glass eyes may not be available in some sizes.

If you prefer a softer option, fabric eyes may be sewn on. These are flatter and less shiny, but more securely attached and their color and shape can be customized. I also offer the option of embroidered eyelids to imply that the eyes are closed.


Markings, patterns and color variations within the plush's design will be sewn directly into the "pelt" whenever possible. For designs that are too small or intricate to sew, embroidery or fabric-friendly markers or paints may be used instead.

Pointy Bits

These creations are designed to be soft; therefore, I use fabric and "soft sculpture" for normally hard details like horns, claws, teeth, and other such "pointy bits". Very small details, such as teeth and claws, may not be available in smaller sizes.


Clothing, props or accessories may be made as accompaniment to your custom plush. The materials used to create these will vary depending upon the desired product.

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To see all the unique plushies I have already made, please visit the Plush Creation Gallery!

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Ready to embrace your imagination?

For more information about the commission process, payment options and expectations, please refer to my Terms of Service.

Please note: These creations can take a fair amount of time to come together, especially depending on availability of colors or materials. If you have a deadline in mind, please plan your request accordingly.

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