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Welcome! Let me tell you about the Fleef!

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The Fleef are an original whimsical plush fantasy creature designed and hand-made by Yvonni Fhang.

Every Fleef is hand-sewn and one-of-a-kind; no two are ever exactly alike.

There are currently three known subspecies of Fleef:

Classic, Mini and Cuddle.

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Classic Fleef average about 8-9 inches in length (including tail) and can fit comfortably in one hand. Most Classic Fleef weigh about an ounce, while some may weigh up to 2.5 or 3 oz. Classic Fleef are poseable; their ears, legs, tails, and other appendages are able to be moved and manipulated into poses.

While all Fleef are unique, some varieties are less common than others.

There are currently four known tiers of Fleef trait types, which are described in more detail below.

Common Type

Common Fleef come in a large variety of colors and may have some variation in the eyes or weight, but otherwise are all generally the same shape with solid colors. Face and limbs will be all the same color, and the body fluff will match the tail tuft. Any deviation from this and a Fleef may be considered an Uncommon type.

Cauldron Common Fleef Nimbi Common Fleef Oopma Common Fleef Vonni Common Fleef Pekin Common Fleef

Uncommon Type

Uncommon Fleef are otherwise common Fleef that have an uncommon trait or characteristic that sets them apart in some way from their fellows. This could be presented as an oddly-shaped face, a unique tail, uncommon ears, short legs, being hairless, etc. If a Fleef presents multiple uncommon traits, they are considered a Rare type.

Meesi Uncommon Fleef Grim Uncommon Fleef Shammy Uncommon Fleef Sprinkle Uncommon Fleef Bubble Uncommon Fleef

Rare Type

Rare Fleef can present any combination of uncommon traits, as well as rare traits such as more unique fluff types or multicolored coats, more diverse color patterns, extra legs or appendages, antennae, fungus growing out of their coats, etc. If a Fleef presents multiple rare traits, they are considered a Special type.

Shimmer Rare Fleef Peat Rare Fleef Silky Rare Fleef Fayre Rare Fleef Foam Rare Fleef

Special Type

Special Fleef are very rare, and particularly unique. These Fleef can present any combination of uncommon or rare traits, as well as Special traits, such as wings, flowers or specific varieties of fungi, complex color patterns or more detailed designs. If you are looking for something VERY specific and special, this is the Fleef for you.

Shine Special Fleef Agari Special Fleef Hobb Special Fleef Daze Special Fleef Angel Special Fleef

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MiniFleef are a smaller variety of Fleef, averaging only about 5 inches in length (including tail) and weighing no more than 0.3 ounces. These tiny Fleef are poseable, but cannot be weighted and only come in Common type.

Pog MiniFleef Dimm MiniFleef Flake MiniFleef Thistle MiniFleef Floss MiniFleef

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Cuddle Fleef are a much larger variety of Fleef, averaging 24 inches in length (including tail) and weighing as much as 3 pounds! Cuddle Fleef are not poseable, but soft and squishy and comfortable to hold. Similar to their Classic cousins, the Cuddle Fleef can have different rarity traits and tiers.

Gourdi CuddleFleef Dreami CuddleFleef Melon CuddleFleef Flo CuddleFleef

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To see all the Fleef I have already made, please visit the Fleef Gallery!

If you would like a Fleef of your own, you have two options:

If you are considering adopting a Fleef, please take a look at my Fleef Care Sheet first, so you know how to care for them properly.

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