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Sunday, July 21, 2024

3pm PDT / 4pm MDT / 5pm CDT / 6pm EDT / 10pm UTC

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Welcome to the Fleef Adoption Center!

This is where newly discovered Fleef wait to find loving new homes!

Below you will find a selection of Fleef currently available for adoption.

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Fleef are an original plush creature designed and hand-made by Yvonni Fhang.

Every Fleef is one-of-a-kind, completely hand-sewn, and no two are ever exactly alike.

While all Fleef are unique, some designs are more complex than others. Adoption fees will vary by the individual.

Signed "Birth Certificates" are included in the adoption fee.

If you are considering adopting a Fleef, please take a look at my Fleef Care Sheet first, so you know how to care for them properly.

By purchasing from my website, you agree to my Terms of Service.

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The MiniFleef are a smaller variety of Fleef, averaging only about 4-5 inches in length (including tail) and weighing less than half an ounce! Like their Classic Fleef cousins, these tiny Fleef have poseable limbs, but due to their small size they cannot be weighted and typically only come in Common types.


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Classic Fleef are relatively small, typically about 8-9 inches in length (including tail), and can weigh anywhere between 0.8 to 3.0 oz. Classic Fleef have poseable limbs, including ears, legs, and tail. Rare and Special types might have additional limbs, that are also poseable.

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Common Fleef come in a large variety of colors and may have some variation in the eyes or weight, but otherwise are all generally the same shape with solid colors. Face and limbs will be all the same color, and the body fluff will match the tail tuft.







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These are otherwise common Fleef that have an uncommon trait or characteristic that sets them apart in some way from their fellows. This could be presented as an oddly-shaped face, a stubby tail, floppy ears, short legs, being hairless, etc. If a Fleef presents multiple uncommon traits, they are considered rare.



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Rare Fleef can present any combination of uncommon traits, as well as rare traits such as more unique fluff types or multicolored coats, more diverse color patterns, extra legs or appendages, antennae, fungus growing out of their coats, etc.





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Special Fleef are very rare, and particularly unique. These Fleef can present any uncommon or rare traits, but taken to the next level. Special traits include wings, specific varieties of fungi or flowers growing out of their coats, more complex color options and more details.



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Cuddle Fleef are a larger variety of Fleef. They are not poseable, but soft and squishy and comfortable to hold. These are over 24 inches long (including tail) and can be weighted up to 3 lbs. These Fleef can have rarity traits and tiers similar to the Classic Fleef.


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To see all the Fleef I have already made, please visit the Fleef Gallery!

If you prefer to design your very own custom Fleef, please see the Custom Fleef page!

Please refer to my Fleef Care Sheet to learn how to best care for Fleef.

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