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Design your own Fleef!

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Did you know that you can design your very own custom Fleef?

A custom Fleef is a one-of-a-kind plush creation designed and handmade just for you!

A custom Fleef can also make a fantasticly unique gift!

Each custom Fleef is completely hand-sewn and accompanied by a signed "birth certificate" describing their unique characteristics and the date, time and location of their completion.

Custom Fleef pricing is based on multiple factors, including Fleef variety, trait tier, weight, materials, and design complexity.

Please fill out a Custom Request Form for the most accurate cost estimate for a custom Fleef.

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Custom Fleef are currently available in three different varieties:


MiniFleef are the smallest variety of Fleef, averaging only about 5 inches in length (including tail) and weighing only 0.2 ounces. Like their Classic Fleef cousins, these tiny Fleef have poseable limbs, but due to their small size they cannot be weighted. MiniFleef are typically only available in Common types, although some Uncommon traits have been known to occur.

Ash MiniFleef Pog MiniFleef Cinder MiniFleef Yang MiniFleef Dimm MiniFleef

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Classic Fleef are the most well known variety of Fleef. These are typically about 8-9 inches in length (including tail), and have poseable limbs, including ears, legs, and tail. Rare and Special types might have additional limbs that are also poseable.

Coal Special Fleef Snapdragon Special Fleef Creampuff Special Fleef Gibbous Special Fleef Gwendolyn Rare Fleef

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Cuddle Fleef are a large and huggable variety of Fleef. These are NOT poseable, but instead are soft and squishy and comfortable to hold. Cuddle Fleef are typically over 24 inches long (including tail) and can weigh anywhere between 12 oz and 3 lbs! Similar to their Classic cousins, these Fleef can have different rarity traits and tiers.

Dreami CuddleFleef Flo CuddleFleef Gourdi CuddleFleef Melon CuddleFleef

Typically, Fleef have round plastic safety eyes, which are durable and offer a realistic shine. Cuddle Fleef, however, are meant to be soft and snuggleable, and therefore have some additional eye options:

Soft Eyes
Fabric eyes are soft, typically made with minky or fleece, and their color and shape can be somewhat customized.

Closed Eyes
Embroidered eyelids to imply that the eyes are closed.

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To see all the unique Fleef I have already made, please visit the Gallery of Fleef!

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Ready to design your own Fanciful Fleef?

For more information about the commission process, payment options and expectations, please refer to my Terms of Service.

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