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Welcome to my Links List!

Below you'll find a list of links to other places you can find me on the great wide web.

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Patreon supporters get great perks, such as early access adoption for new Fleef drops, discounts on all shop purchases and customs, and shout-outs all over my website. Not to mention, Patreon is the best place to find all the latest news and updates about what I'm working on next, see sneak peeks at works in progress, chat with me and fellow fans of my work, make special requests and offer suggestions and feedback about my creations, and get tons more behind-the-screens exclusive content. If any of this interests you, please consider becoming one of my lovely supporters on Patreon.

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If you want to support the artist financially, but don't want to commit to monthly payments, Ko-Fi is a great alternative to Patreon. Ko-Fi also doesn't charge any processing fees, so all donations go right to the artist! If you like my work, please consider supporting Fanciful Realities financially and "buy me a Ko-fi"!

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If you want to support the artist financially, but don't want to commit to Patreon's monthly payments, I also accept donations through PayPal. Unlike Ko-Fi, PayPal charges some processing fees, so a portion of your donations will get taken for that, but the rest will go to the artist! Please consider supporting Fanciful Realities by donating through PayPal!

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Aside from Patreon, Instagram is probably updated most frequently. If you would like to see more of my content, please consider showing your support for Fanciful Realities by following me on Instagram, and throwing a few likes and comments on my posts.

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My Facebook page is linked to my Instagram, and is updated rather frequently by proxy. If you would like to see more of my content, please consider showing your support by following me on Facebook, and reacting to, commenting on, and sharing my posts.

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In 2022, I had a TikTok account under the name YvonniFhang, which had an audience of over 15k lovely people, a large collection of timelapsed colored pencil drawings, and an amazing network of fellow artists to enjoy and support. In March 2023, that account was permanently banned from the app without warning or explanation.

In November 2023, I finally created a new TikTok account to feature stop motion animations of my Fleef and custom plush creations.

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I have delved into the world of webcomics from time to time, although somewhat sporadically. Other things always tend to crop up and my illustrated stories tend to get pushed to the backseat. Anyway, if you are interested in the comic I currently have on hiatus, or would like to be updated if and when I start doing comics again, you can check that out on WebToon.

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Many of the timelapsed drawings I used to have available on my old TikTok have being uploaded to my YouTube Channel. If you like my artwork, please consider checking out my YouTube Channel to see timelapses and digital remasters, plush poseability demos, old animations, and the occasional review. Like, share, comment, subscribe!

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On occasion, I may do livestreams of my digital drawings and have considred doing Twitch streams while I work on custom plushies. I used to do this regularly, but never had many people interested, and so I decided to devote that time to other projects. I very rarely use Twitch anymore.


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I have a Twitter account, or "X" or whatever it's called now. I don't use it very much yet. I prefer to show my work rather than to talk about it. While I'm currently working on trying to improve my presence on all platforms, it's still relatively inactive.

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I got a Tumblr account on the recommendation of some of my old followers from DS2/AWF and DrawCast, but I don't really use it. I used to update my Tumblr account through my Instagram, but that option doesn't exist anymore, so now it's relatively inactive.

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I got a FurAffinity account many years back on the recommendation of some fellow animal artists... I don't really use it. I've tried to post some of my recent artworks there on occasion but I've never gotten much feedback, and a lot of the content of that site nowadays is rather out of my comfort zone, so I tend not to hang out there much.

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